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Software for Magnetics Design

Here we present some design software you can download or run on-line.


The LitzOpt program optimizes litz wire stranding design to minimize the cost or power loss, for transformers or inductors.

Run LitzOpt online for the simplest user interface.

You can download the LitzOpt program the for use with MATLAB software. It has a primitive user interface, but is more flexible than the web version. Learn more on the LitzOpt page.


The ShapeOpt program optimizes the shape of an inductor winding to minimize winding losses, including adjusting the number of strands in a litz wire winding.

The ShapeOpt page has more information, or you can proceed directly to run ShapeOpt online, or download the MATLAB program, shapeopt.m.

Core Loss Calculator for Nonsinusoidal Waveforms

The Core Loss Calculator program accurately calculates core loss for any piecewise-linear waveform, even for cores with minor loops.

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