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Core Loss Calculator

Optimized winding shape.
Core Loss Calculator is a free program that computes the power loss in ferrite cores for inductors, written by Charles Sullivan, Kapil Venkatachalam, and Jens Czogalla. Manufacturers publish material specifications based on a sinusoidal input, but the Core Loss Calculator is more flexible because it uses an arbitrary piecewise linear input for flux density.

For more information about the improved equations used, see related papers and publications.

What software do I need? How can I run it?

There are two versions of Core Loss Calculator. The web-based version runs the calculations on our web server. The downloadable version is for use with MATLAB Version 5 or 6, available from Mathworks for a variety of platforms. The two have similar capabilities, but the downloadable version allows for a non-limited number of data points.

Update April 2006: A bug in both the online and downloadable versions has been corrected. A typographical error in a variable name made the results inaccurate for flux waveforms with minor loops. The error has been corrected in both the downloadable version and the online version. The file name of the new version is coreloss1.m. If you are running "coreloss.m", please download the corrected version.

Run Core Loss Calculator online

Download Core Loss Calculator for use with MATLAB software. The directory the coreloss1.m file is placed in must be on the Matlab path in order to run it from the Matlab command window. Help and information about the function is available by typing "help coreloss1" at the command line.

For comments or questions e-mail: Charles.R.Sullivan@dartmouth.edu.
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