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Research Topics

Design, Analysis, and Simulation

Magnetics design does not have to be a black art!  We are developing techniques for more accurate predictions of losses in high-frequency magnetic components, and for design optimization.  Most of our recent work focuses on accurately modeling and minimizing high-frequency winding losses due to winding eddy currents (skin effect and proximity effect), and selecting winding strategies for particular situations. Strategic combinations of analytical and numerical techniques are used. See the Publications page for more information.

Microfabricated Magnetics

We are using microfabrication techniques (e.g., vapor deposition and photolithography) to develop high power density magnetic components for dc-dc power converters. The small size and fast response time of these high-frequency converters will make them advantageous for many applications, including power delivery to low-voltage microprocessors and other digital systems. See the Publications page for more information.

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