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Magnetic components are necessary in most power electronics circuits, but are often the largest and most expensive components. They are also useful in other electronic circuits, particularly for RF (radio frequency) applications. The Dartmouth Magnetic Component Research group is developing both advanced thin-film magnetic components using microfabrication techniques, and new designs and design methods for components based on conventional fabrication techniques.

Recent updates:

For the latest updates see the power magnetics blog. This includes the May 2013

IEMDC plenary talk.

For information on techniques and software available for magnetics designers, see this Information for Magnetics Designers.

Slides from two previous presentations:

Design and measurement techniques for advanced high-efficiency high-frequency magnetics (keynote talk at an ARPA-E magnetics workshop, Dec. 2011).

Overview of core loss prediction for non-sinusoidal waveforms (Industrial Session at APEC 2012.)

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