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Directions to Cummings Hall

Directions to Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH can be found here.

Below are the main routes into town. Find your way to the Green (an empty green square in the center of town and campus) marked with a star on this map.

On the south side of the green is the Hanover Inn, which is highlighted on this campus map; The green is the empty space above the Hanover Inn.

To get to the Thayer School of Engineering (Cummings Hall and MacLean Hall) from the Green or Hanover Inn by foot, (a 10 minute walk) cross Wheelock Street from the Inn, walk along the left edge of the green (North Main St.), and continue about 100 meters beyond the back left corner of the green, past the white building on the left, to Tuck Mall (aka Tuck Drive). Turn left, and go all the way down Tuck Mall (less than 1/4 mile). At the circle at the end, Cummings Hall (Thayer School) is on the left.

To get from the green to Thayer School by car, you have to go the long way around the green because the streets are one way. At the northwest corner of the green, make a right and go 100 meters before turning left on Tuck Mall (after a white building on the left). At the end of Tuck Mall is a circle. You probably won't find parking in the circle, but you might find it in the lot behind Cummings and MacLean--take the fork left just before the circle.

To find things in Cummings, you can go in the main entrance to MacLean Hall (glass doors in the courtyard between the new MacLean Hall and the old Cummings Hall) and the receptionist on the left just inside the entrance can help you. Our labs and Charlie Sullivan's office are in Cummings Hall. To reach his office, 210 Cummings, turn right at the main entrance and go up two flights of stairs to the second floor. Turn left out of the stairwell and you are facing 210 Cummings.

You can also obtain a complete set of floor plans for Cummings Hall and MacLean.

Other points of interest:
  • Power Electronics Lab:  Cummings 004. Turn right after entering the MacLean main entrance, and turn right. Pass through the door into the basement of Cummings. Turn right and right again. Go through the double doors, into C004.
  • Dartmouth Microengineering Lab: Find the Great Hall in the center of the 1st floor of Cummings Hall. Proceed up the stairs in the corner. The lab is directly on your right at the top of the stairs.

For comments or questions e-mail: Charles.R.Sullivan@dartmouth.edu.
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